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3/266-268 Chapel St, Prahran, 3181 - Gym Prahran
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84% off - $25 for 2 EMS Sessions
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Why 20v EMS Studio Prahran?

Business Hours
Monday 08:00am-09:00pm
Tuesday 08:00am-09:00pm
Wednesday 08:00am-09:00pm
Thursday 08:00am-09:00pm
Friday 08:00am-07:00pm
Saturday 08:00am-12:00pm
Sunday n/a
Public Holidays n/a
Christmas n/a

Casual Access: Yes

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Welcome to the Revolution at 20v EMS Prahran!

20v is an Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) fitness studio in Prahran in Melbourne. The scientifically backed and FDA approved leading technology uses small electrical impulses to send the same frequency to your muscles that your brain would normally send to make your muscles contract. That means in only 20 minutes with a 20v EMS session you will get the equivalent of a 4 hour traditional weights workout.

It’s safe, non-weight bearing and low impact on your joints.


Many people choose the 20v EMS Prahran for a fast and effective way to meet their exercise and weight loss goals.

•   Improves cardiovascular
•   Increase muscle mass
•   Increases weight loss
•   Tighten pelvic floor muscles
•   Improves athlete performance
•   Scientifically proven to reduce back pain
•   Releases endorphins

Other benefits include:

20 minutes with 20v is equivalent to a 4 hour traditional weights workout.

Build muscle & reduce fat with low intensity, non-weight bearing exercise.

Scientifically proven to reduce pain and assist with rehabilitation.

EMS Training is scientifically proven to help reduce back pain, improve cardiac function and increase full-body strength.

20v EMS Prahran will help you to achieve your fitness goals and target shape. So whether you are a professional athlete, or someone that hasn’t exercised for years, we can help you.

Download a trial pass today!

20v EMS Studio Prahran Gym Overview

Lose Weight, Tone Up and Improve your Fitness at the 20v EMS Prahran studio.

At 20v EMS Prahran gym, 20v = the same results as 4 hours of conventional weights lifting or a 90 minutes HIIT session. 20v uses leading EMS technology that is scientifically backed, FDA approved and improved year upon year since 2006.

20v works by wearing a hi-tech undergarment that connects 16 electrodes placed around 8 major muscle groups. The Undergarments hold moisture against your body to increase conductivity which helps contract 90% of the body's muscles.

Small electrical impulses are sent in a 4 second whole body muscle contraction and a 4 second rest period between impulses. This ensures that your body is constantly working at maximum potential, with minimal rest during the session.

The end results is an efficient and effective 20 minute workout, with ZERO weights and 98% muscle fibre engagement equivalent to a 4 hour traditional weights workout.

Join the EMS Revolution today!
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84% off - $25 for 2 EMS Sessions
*be quick - offers are limited

Fitness Classes @ 20v EMS Studio Prahran

BORED? A variety of classes will keep you motivated and interested, as well as give you varying instructor styles, music selection, and interaction with other class-goers.

NO EXPERIENCE? Classes offer a workout for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Simply show up with a positive attitude, participate, and most importantly, have fun. No experience necessary!

NOT SURE? When people exercise on their own, they often skip portions of a workout they know less about or don't like. Others quit due to time constraints. Group exercise helps overcome these obstacles with professionally designed classes lasting a short 30 or 45-minutes. Perfect if you don’t have much time, you can choose a class schedule that fits in with your other daily activities.

Regardless of your passion or interest, what is most important is to move. Group exercise lets you do this while having fun!

Group Fitness
Having a Large Waistline DOUBLES Your Risk of Dying Prematurely
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effect of large waistline on health
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84% off - $25 for 2 EMS Sessions
*be quick - offers are limited

Gym Membership Details

20v has a range of Prahran gym membership and casual options for you to choose from.

Our Gold Coast gym memberships offer basic and advanced options for those who want to use EMS as part of their fitness regime whereas our casual options or packages are perfect for those who want to try before they become hooked.

Advantage Membership includes:
- 2 EMS Sessions per week
- Included and discounted undergarments
- Session Banking
- Save up to 56%

Basic Membership includes:
- 1 EMS Sessions per week
- Included and discounted undergarments
- Session Banking
- Save up to 44%

Lite Membership includes:
- 1 EMS Sessions per fortnight
- Included and discounted undergarments
- Session Banking

Other membership packages include:
- 5 session packs expires in 2 months
- 10 session packs expires in 3 months
- 25 session packs expires in 6 months

Hi-tech EMS undergarment purchase and hire:
- non-member $90
- member (discounted) $60
- hire $10

Top 8 reasons to get started today

20v EMS Studio Prahran Other Services

Air-Conditioning Disabled Toilets Fitness Assessment / Re-assessment Physiotherapy/Sports Therapy Shower Area
Bike Racks Drinking Fountain Lockers Public Transport Close-by
(max 10min walk)
Weight-loss Program
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84% off - $25 for 2 EMS Sessions
*be quick - offers are limited
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