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Ultra Lite Weight Loss - Box Hill Gym

321 Middleborough Road, (located inside Genesis Box Hill), Box Hill, 3128
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
(03) 9896 6444

Ultra Lite - The Professional Weight and Health Management Program

The Ultra Lite weight-loss and detox program is a naturally balanced program. We here at Ultra Lite weight-loss Box Hill aim to understand that the weight-loss and detox journey to losing and controlling your weight and ultimately achieving better health can be a difficult one.

Our program can help you in the following ways:
- Lose weight fast, but safely - the key motivational factor with many people.
- We provide a healthy food program which is balanced
  (in protein, carbohydrates and also containing essential fatty acids)
- We aim to empower people to make healthy food choices and
- Teach people to know what constitutes healthy portion sizes
- Provide a credible program - the only pharmacy-based natural program
- Program attracts certain health fund rebates
- On board Ultra Lite Master Trainers that will be there to assist your weight-loss
- A personalised program to ensure you get the results.

At Ultra Lite Box Hill, we believe in a holistic approach to natural weight-loss and most importantly long term weight control.

Ultra Lite - Fast and easy weight-loss for the long term

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