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Step into Life endurit Ivanhoe

Step into Life Ivanhoe Inspired by Ivanhoe Boot camp style training.

Step into Life endurit Ivanhoe - Inspired by Ivanhoe Boot camp style training

Inspired by Ivanhoe Boot Camp Style Training

An inspiring cross training session using boot camp style drills to mould you into shape. The outdoors provides the perfect environment to use weighted bars, ropes, medicine balls and buddy drills to maximise fitness improvement, while strengthening and toning your body. Endurit is based on a form of training used in the Marines, officially called Recruit Training. It’s used to transform civilians into soldiers, sailors, coast guardsmen, marines or airmen!

Step into Life Ivanhoe Full body strengthening outdoors at Step into Life Ivanhoe.
Step into Life Ivanhoe Inspired by Ivanhoe Yoga and Pilates movements? Powerflex is your program of choice.
Step into Life Ivanhoe The ultimate Ivanhoe outdoor fitness cardio program.
Step into Life Ivanhoe Ivanhoe corporate training can be exclusively run for your business to improve productivity.
Step into Life Ivanhoe Coreball focuses on improving your core strength.

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