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Wilson Reserve Outer Crescent, Brighton, 3186 - Outdoor Fitness Brighton
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Why Step into Life Brighton?

At Step Into Life Brighton.....our Unique difference is....We do it Outdoors!

Run by the experienced and friendly Melinda Hiatt, at Step into Life Brighton our mission is to provide personal attention to YOUR GOALS and OBJECTIVES and to train YOU as an INDIVIDUAL within the group.  We will provide a fun, dynamic, friendly, safe environment to train in – all in the natural beauty and vibrancy that is the Brighton area.

We know visiting a gym can often be intimidating and leave you feeling less than motivated, so we have done away with:

- The crowded spaces,
- Uninspiring equipment
- Overbearing instructors

Instead, at Step into Life Brighton you will:

- Get to train in some of the most beautiful local outdoor spaces
- Be encouraged by working out with family and friends in a small group environment
- Have your own personal fitness champion to guide you!

At Step into Life Brighton, your experience starts with a positive overhaul of all aspects of your life through:

- 8 unique programs to spice up your life
- Tailored nutrition plan via Matt O’neill’s Metabolic Jumpstart
- A Step Into Life Starter Pack including progress diary and nutrition guides
- Support throughout your journey
- And We do it ALL Outdoors!

With over 150 locations nationally, Step into Life has grown to become the market leader in Group Outdoor Personal Training in Australia you will see why our members vote us as #1 for Group Outdoor Personal Training!

There's no better way to see if Step into Life is right for you than trying a session - FREE!

Step into Life Brighton Outdoor Fitness Overview

At Step into Life we're convinced that the key to a happier, healthier lifestyle is regular exercise.

Our Unique Difference?
- We do it outdoors!
- We inspire fitter and healthier communities by training together outside
- We focus on fun, fresh air and personal attention

Hi...I'm Melinda Hiatt the head trainer at Step into Life Brighton. LIFE BEGINS AT THE END OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE”

Little was I to know how much my life would change when I made the decision to train for and participate in a fun run.  That was it.  The sense of pride and achievement I experienced as I crossed the finish line was overwhelming.  That run turned into many other runs, races and even triathlons.  

My interest in my own health and fitness is something that has developed into a genuine enthusiastic PASSION to see others take charge of their own health and fitness.  

I have a strong desire to assist and empower others to lead healthier, fitter and more active lifestyles. And I believe that PEOPLE ultimately achieve results – not machines, equipment, products or potions…

So come join me and all our friendly members...We will train together in the beautiful outdoors so you can experience the benefits of Group Outdoor Personal Training for yourself. Enjoy a FREE pass on us. Download yours below!

I look forward to meeting you.
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Fitness Classes @ Step into Life Brighton

BORED? A variety of classes will keep you motivated and interested, as well as give you varying instructor styles, music selection, and interaction with other class-goers.

NO EXPERIENCE? Classes offer a workout for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Simply show up with a positive attitude, participate, and most importantly, have fun. No experience necessary!

NOT SURE? When people exercise on their own, they often skip portions of a workout they know less about or don't like. Others quit due to time constraints. Group exercise helps overcome these obstacles with professionally designed classes lasting a short 30 or 45-minutes. Perfect if you don’t have much time, you can choose a class schedule that fits in with your other daily activities.

Regardless of your passion or interest, what is most important is to move. Group exercise lets you do this while having fun!

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Outdoor Fitness Membership Details

Ever wondered where your gym member joining fees went?

At Step into Life Brighton we’ve done away with the admin tax, instead we’ve created a starter pack filled with community benefits, nutrition guides, progress trackers (just to name a few!) to set you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

The Step into Life Brighton starter pack includes a range of member benefits including:
- shopping,
- health fund rebates,
- monthly newsletters,
- access to events,
- fun run packages,
- sportswear,
- information sessions
- … the list goes on!

Plus you will also benefit from
- your own personal progress diary,
- training and nutrition guides,
-  and of course your very own Step into Life drink bottle and dri-fit training shirt.

…and that’s all before you’ve even laced up your runners!

We've also joined forces with Matt O'Neill, nutritionist and speaker (AKA Mr Metabolism), to offer you Metabolic Jumpstart - a personal diet plan, report and powerful 4-week program to assist you on your health and fitness journey.

What are you waiting for? Step Into Life Today!

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