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Williamstown Personal Trainer Mark's Profile

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Personal Trainer Mark - "Train Smart Not Hard" Melbourne Personal Trainer

Meet Mark

Mark is a Williamstown personal trainer. Hearing the inspiring words: "Give it a serious shot. You've got nothing to lose" from another Personal Trainer initially kick started Mark's weight training regime back in 2000. From that point he began training seriously at his high school gym.
Concentrating on his diet, seeing quick results, boosted his passion for weight training, particularly in body building.
After finishing high school Mark attempted a few courses before enrolling himself at the Australian Institute of Fitness in 2007, where he completed his Certificate III and IV in Gym Instruction and Personal Training.

Training Style & Influences

My approach to training is honest and achievable


  • Certificate III in Fitness - Gym Instructor
  • Certificate IV in Fitness - Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 First Aid
This is your ideal Personal Trainer if

  1. You would like to drastically improve your strength
  2. You want to achive your goals
  3. You want an honest approach to training

Training Session Cost

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South Pacific Health Clubs Williamstown
Address/Contact Details
Works at: South Pacific Health Clubs Williamstown
Corner North Rd & The Strand
Williamstown, 3016

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Personal Profile

  • Favourite Food:
  • Favourite Drink:
  • Favourite Sport:
  • Favourite Music:
    House & Trance
  • Favourite Movie:
    True Lies
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Hobbies:
  • Who Inspires You:
  • Life Philosophy:

Areas of Specialisation

  • *Competitive Bodybuilding
  • *Strength & Conditioning
  • *Strongman
  • *Weight-Loss Programs

  • And in more detail...
    I specialise in strength and conditioning

Why I Became a Personal Trainer

Learning about muscle physiology and development has interested me greatly over the years, through my own training and by watching others.
Pursuing a career in Personal Training takes it a step further, allowing me to give something back to the community by aiding those who have difficulty in reaching their goals.

Special Offers @ South Pacific Health Clubs Williamstown

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