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Factory 3/5 Kelletts Road, Rowville, 3178 - Gym Rowville
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83% off - $19.95 for 4 classes
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1 FREE Pole Taster Pass
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Why Pole Fanatics Rowville?

Business Hours
Monday 06:00am-09:00pm
Tuesday 06:00am-09:00pm
Wednesday 06:00am-09:00pm
Thursday 06:00am-09:00pm
Friday 06:00am-09:00pm
Saturday 06:00am-09:00pm
Sunday 06:00am-09:00pm
Public Holidays n/a
Christmas n/a

Casual Access: Yes

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At Pole Fanatics Rowville we are passionate about anything that makes you fitter, stronger, more flexible and is crazy fun to do!

There's a common misconception when it comes to exercise that it has to be boring, hard and not worth the effort but that's so not true. If you're moving, your exercising! The trick is to find something you enjoy doing so that you'll actually look forward to getting to exercise and stick to it.

At Pole Fanatics Rowville Dance Studio we aim to bring you a selection of group classes that are so much fun, you don't even think about the fact that you're exercising.

We have a big range of aerial fitness courses available from absolute beginner to advanced levels in Pole Dancing, Aerial Hoops and Aerial Silks. We also offer plenty of additional fitness classes such as Aerial Yoga, Barre Attack and Boot Camps. We organise regular in studio workshops and outside excursions so you can try lots of new exciting things like Trampoline fitness, Flying Trapeze and Fire Twirling!

Our Rowville Studio Includes:
* A huge Main Room with x13 4 metre high poles and x6 aerial points for Aerial Hoops
* A dedicated Aerial Silks space with x2 7 metre high Silks
* An upstairs PT room with all the latest fitness machines and gear
* 4 and 8 week courses and casual drop in classes
* Private Lessons
* In Studio Parties for Hens Nights, Birthdays, etc

It's all about keeping it fresh, new and motivating for our members so that you'll grow to love your weekly work out!

Pole Fanatics Rowville Dance Overview

We have a super conveniently placed Aerial Studio in Rowville right on the corner of Stud and Kelletts Road.

We have a dedicated Pole and Aerial Hoops room, an Aerial Silks space and a PT room upstairs so we are always running multiple classes for you to choose from and a great chill out room where you can come early and catch up on your reading on the couch or watch one of the movies on our big screen tv.

We have an amazing team of female instructors who all come from various backgrounds of fitness, dance and performance who absolutely love what they do and we also pride ourselves on attracting the most friendly, easy going and very funny students for you to make new friends with!
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83% off - $19.95 for 4 classes
*be quick - offers are limited
1 FREE Pole Taster Pass
*be quick - offers are limited

Fitness Classes @ Pole Fanatics Rowville

BORED? A variety of classes will keep you motivated and interested, as well as give you varying instructor styles, music selection, and interaction with other class-goers.

NO EXPERIENCE? Classes offer a workout for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Simply show up with a positive attitude, participate, and most importantly, have fun. No experience necessary!

NOT SURE? When people exercise on their own, they often skip portions of a workout they know less about or don't like. Others quit due to time constraints. Group exercise helps overcome these obstacles with professionally designed classes lasting a short 30 or 45-minutes. Perfect if you don’t have much time, you can choose a class schedule that fits in with your other daily activities.

Regardless of your passion or interest, what is most important is to move. Group exercise lets you do this while having fun!

Group Fitness

Kids Aerial

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83% off - $19.95 for 4 classes
*be quick - offers are limited
1 FREE Pole Taster Pass
*be quick - offers are limited

Dance Membership Details

We offer an extensive range of Aerial Fitness courses in Pole Dancing, Aerial Hoops (Lyra) and Aerial Silks (Tissu). They all start at an absolute beginner level and help you progress through 8 week courses where you can go all the way up to Masterclass!

We also provide additional fitness courses to compliment your aerial fitness training by improving your flexibility (Aerial Yoga, Stretch & Flex), your all over body strength (Barre Attack, Booty Camp) and your cardio (Pole Flow).

Not sure which course is for you? Contact us any time for a chat about which of our classes you'll have the most fun in and feel free to come along for a Taster Class before committing to a full course.

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83% off - $19.95 for 4 classes
*be quick - offers are limited
1 FREE Pole Taster Pass
*be quick - offers are limited
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