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Prahran Personal Trainer Sofi's Profile

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Personal Trainer Sofi - "Consistency and Persistency pays off" Melbourne Personal Trainer

Meet Sofi

Sofi is a Prahran personal trainer. Sofi’s interest in health and fitness came about from her background as an adult and kinder gym instructor. Her occupation as an instructor has been incredibly rewarding on both a personal and professional level, educating both adults and young children on how to get fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Sofi has a great passion for health and fitness and her enthusiasm is a great inspiration to all that meet her. She believes in living each day to the fullest, having quality in life and inspiring each and every person that she meets that they too can achieve their goals by acting on their positive thoughts.

Sofi has always been interested in healthy eating and exercise as has her immediate family. Husband, Pierre and son Liam are both cycling enthusiasts. Sofi has also designed an eating plan for her family that involves only unprocessed natural food, ensuring her family remains healthy, full of energy and able to pursue their busy work and sporting commitments. Sofi and her family have a simple philosophy - many illnesses can be prevented through eating wholesome natural unprocessed foods coupled with exercise.

When Liam was born, Sofi took the opportunity to be a stay at home mother for a period of 3 years. Always searching for new challenges, Sofi was inspired to pursue the sport of body sculpting having seen the documentary “The Godfather of Bodies” featuring George Tabban. Sofi commenced training with George and son Michael and within her first year of training, had achieved first place in her Novice category.

As testament to her grit and determination, Sofi has been training since 2003, competed since 2003 and has achieved many accolades placing in the top 3 over her competing career.

You can see her training clients at her home at MBS Prahan.

Training Style & Influences

Muscle and Body Shape Gym prides itself on being one of the best in the fitness industry. Our SHAPE program caters for beginners wanting to improve their shape through to world class bodybuilding competitors. For those who are largely overweight, there is no need to be embarrassed; our understanding staff has extensive experience and can assist you develop a new and refreshing approach to health. MBS will introduce you to a new way of life, a way that encourages you to understand food as fuel for your body and mind; learn about exercise that is realistic for your level of fitness; develop a short and long term plan to achieve the shape you want - and learn how to change your habits so that the benefits of your experience will be continued when you return home. The SHAPE program has a long and successful history in health education, wellness care and safe effective weight loss. Through a combination of sessions that involve nutrition and exercise, you can achieve optimal outcomes – so, give it a TRY!

S - Self Esteem
H - Health
A - Attitude
P - Physical Fitness
E - Emotional Well being


  • Certificate III in Fitness - Gym Instructor
  • Certificate IV in Fitness - Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 First Aid
  • 2nd place NABBA/WFF Southern Hemisphere Championships 2006: WFF Figure Open Short
  • 1st place NABBA/WFF Victorian Championships 2006: WFF Figure Open Short
  • 3rd place NABBA/WFF Commonwealth Games Championships 2006: WFF Figure Open Short
  • 3rd place ANB Australian Championships 2005: Figure Open Short
  • 1st place NABBA/WFF Australian Championships 2005: WFF Figure Novice Short
  • 1st place WNBF Victorian Championships 2008
  • 2nd place WNBF South Pacific Championships 2008
This is your ideal Personal Trainer if

  1. You want to see a trainer who practices what they preach, looks and plays the part and has achieved her fitness goals.
  2. You want to be results driven and you're looking to put in the hard work to achieve it.
  3. You are a mother and think you can't fit fitness and health into your life and want to see first hand how it is done.

Training Session Cost

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Address/Contact Details
Works at: Muscle & Body Shape Gym Prahran
35 Cato St.
Prahran, 3181

Get To Know Your Personal Trainer

Personal Profile

  • Favourite Food:
  • Favourite Drink:
  • Favourite Sport:
    Cycling, Tour de France, Weight Liftiing
  • Favourite Music:
    Anything hardcore, metal or techno
  • Favourite Movie:
    Swimming with the fishes, In the pursuit of happiness
  • Likes:
    Positive people, food, family
  • Dislikes:
    Rude people
  • Hobbies:
    Internet, Fitness research, cooking, exercise
  • Who Inspires You:
    Good communicators, motivated people that work to get what they want, my coach Michael Tabban
  • Life Philosophy:
    Adopting good nutrition and exercise as a lifestyle will give you lifetime happiness and prevention of illness.

Areas of Specialisation

  • *Competitive Bodybuilding
  • *Contest Preparation
  • *Nutrition
  • *Online Training
  • *Pre/Post Season Training
  • *Strength & Conditioning
  • *Tone & Shape Programs
  • *Weight-Loss Programs

  • And in more detail...
    Weight-Loss - I do many 12 week challenge programs with my clients, helping them lose up to 12 kg in 12 weeks through good nutrition, sound weight training principles and cardio work.

    Strength and Body Shaping - As a body shaping competitor myself I can help aspiring young hopefuls prepare for the stage and help them through weight training and nutrition.

Why I Became a Personal Trainer

I love seeing the changes that I help make to people's lives when they achieve their fitness goals. I also became a trainer because this is my passion, to help people achieve their goals, as I have helped myself to achieve my own goals. I carry this passion to my clients.

Fitness Trainer Testimonials / Previous Clients

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Personal Training Client - Helen J.

Sofi has been my personal trainer for the last 12 weeks.  Not only has she been my trainer, but my mentor, my strength, believer and now friend.  Her approach to training is relaxed and not stressful and at time okay I admit, fun which is associated with some degree of pain....

Sofi has guided me during the past 12 weeks as I entered myself into a 12 week challenge, working closely with her weight training at MBS Prahran, I have achieved outstanding results.  She has changed my life, my outlook on things and given me the confidence to believe in myself and control myself with food and alcohol, not to mention, making exercise my priority.

Most importantly, Sofi is unlike any trainer, she herself is a figure competitor - therefore she practices what she preaches, from being dedicated to weight training, cardio and following a clean good diet and juggling family life with a child the same age as mine and work commitments she knew how challenging it was !

To achieve the results I did required utmost perseverance and patience, and at times was so hard, I was lucky to have Sofi to talk to when it got hard, as she knew exactly what I was going through - noone else truly understood like she did !

Helen J.

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prahran personal trainer sofi
prahran personal trainer sofi

Special Offers @ Muscle & Body Shape Gym Prahran

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