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Macquarie Park Personal Trainer Cameron's Profile

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Personal Trainer Cameron - "The habits we create determine our future" Sydney Personal Trainer

Macquarie Park Personal Trainer Cameron

Meet Cameron

Cameron is a Macquarie Park personal trainer. Cameron followed his love of health and fitness from the corporate world into personal trianing in 2009 and has never looked back.

Since 2003, Cameron has been very involved in resistance training and has been very sports orientated. He has played competitively in soccer, basketball, tennis and ultimate frisbee. Cameron loves the thrill of competition and has done a lot of sports specific training with many athletes in a variety of sports.

Cameron began his journey at the Australian Institute of Fitness where he received his fitness and master trainer certification. It was because of his passion that he also came first in the class. He then proceeded to improve his qualification by obtaining a boxing, pre/post natal and training with children certificate. He also has a certificate 3 and 4 in massage therapy as he believes that health and fitness is a lifestyle not just something you have to do.

Training Style & Influences

Boxing has been an important part of my life and I believe that it is one of the best ways to improve fitness no matter if you are after weight loss, strength or endurance. I tend to incorporate boxing in a loft of my training, however this does not take time away from sport specific training.


  • Certificate III in Fitness - Gym Instructor
  • Certificate IV in Fitness - Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 First Aid
  • Master Trainer
  • Punch Level 1 - Boxing
  • FitKids - Training with Children
  • Certificate III in Massage Therapy
  • Certificate IV in Massage Therapy - Massage Therapist
This is your ideal Personal Trainer if

  1. Need a sport-specific program to improve and excel in your chosen sport.
  2. Need a fun way to exercise, grab a couple of friends and have fun doing a group circuit together.
  3. You would like to reduce the pain and strengthen that particular area.

Training Session Cost

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Macquarie University Sport & Aquatic Centre Macquarie Park
Address/Contact Details
Works at: Macquarie University Sport & Aquatic Centre Macquarie Park
Gymnasium Rd
(Macquarie University)
Macquarie Park, 2113

Get To Know Your Personal Trainer

Personal Profile

  • Favourite Food:
    Healthy Chicken burrito
  • Favourite Drink:
    Can't go past water
  • Favourite Sport:
    Ultimate Frisbee
  • Favourite Music:
    RnB, Dance, Electro
  • Favourite Movie:
    Too many to list
  • Likes:
    When people give it all they can, when people achieve their goals, helping people especially children get on the right track
  • Dislikes:
    When people give up, when people say they are too busy for their health and fitness
  • Hobbies:
    Running, graphic design, reading
  • Who Inspires You:
    Nick Vujicic (Man with no arms and no legs, yet he still lives life to the fullest)
  • Life Philosophy:
    You can always do better, you get back what you put in

Areas of Specialisation

  • *Cardio Boxing
  • *Circuit Training
  • *Endurance Training
  • *Kids Fitness Programs
  • *Sports-Specific
  • *Tone & Shape Programs
  • *Weight-Loss Programs

  • And in more detail...
    Sports training/plyometric training - I have played in a lot of sports that require sprinting and jumping like basketball and ultimate frisbee. I can definitely improve your speed, strength and vertical jump.

    Weight loss - I have worked with many weight loss clients and work closely with a dietician to help achieve clients' weight loss goals.

Why I Became a Personal Trainer

I became a trainer because I wanted to share my love of health and fitness with as many people as I can. I used to be quite lazy and unfit and was carrying a bit of extra weight. I found health and fitness and it changed my life. I just want everyone else to share that experience with me and realise how much fun and fulfilling it is.

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macquarie park personal trainer cameron
macquarie park personal trainer cameron

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