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Trizone Fitness Edgewater

HIIT near Craigie
8/21 Joondalup Dr
(~5 min from Craigie)
Trizone Fitness HIIT Craigie  | Kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls and more.
HIIT @ Trizone Fitness It's time to get into functional training. Our functional training zone includes dumbbells, barbells, deadlift lifting platforms, power squat racks, bumper plates, battle ropes, sandbags, kettlebells, medicine balls, wallballs and so much more....
11 Injune Way
(~14 mins from Craigie)
Goodlife Health Clubs HIIT Craigie  | Goodlife Joondalup gym provides a warm and motivational
HIIT @ Goodlife Health Clubs Get a feel for functional training in our dedicated Functional Training Zone and Joondalup HIIT gym, If you are into functional strength training, our Joondalup gym has a  dedicated area. The functional HIIT gym in Joondalup includes a hi-performance strength cage, lifting platforms, battle ropes, kettlebells, dead balls, foam plyo boxes, the Matrix Fitness S-Drive Performance trainer and much more. Don’t...
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