Weight Loss Through The Lemonade Diet
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Weight Loss through the Lemonade Diet

Thrown into the ‘fad diet’ ring is the Lemonade Diet. Its popularity stems from a slew of celebrities like Beyoncé Knowles and Jared Leto, who support the diet’s ability as a waist-cincher. But what does the diet consist of and is it actually healthy? Localfitness are here to give you a basic rundown on what this sort of diet entails, and whether it’ll be effective for your weight loss goals!

Jonty Simmons ― 23 Apr 2016
What is it?
Better known as the ‘Master Cleanse’, the Lemonade Diet is a popularized regimen for fast weight loss. In essence, consumers are required to drink at least six glasses of ‘lemonade’ each day to eliminate toxins, and will supposedly see results within 10 days.

How do I do it?
To make yourself ‘lemonade’, you’ll need some boiling hot water, lemon juice, ground cayenne pepper and Grade B maple syrup. Accompanying this minimalist approach to cooking is either a cup of laxative tea or salt water (also a laxative). So not only are you drinking just about the worst lemonade ever, but your digestive system won’t thank you for it either.

So does it actually work?
Studies have shown that it does cause some weight loss but this is because you are starving your body. Staying active during the day when you are consuming laxatives increases your metabolism and because you fasting, your body starts using fat reserves for energy. The problem with this technique is its unsustainable. You can’t live your life on the lemonade diet and the moment you switch over to a normal meal plan, all that weight is going to come rushing back. Not to mention, the lemonade diet is unhealthy because it restricts your diet so you are not getting all the nutrition you usually get in a balanced meal. In some cases, you could be doing more harm than good.

Instead, opt for balanced, healthy meals and regular exercise. There is no shortcut to healthy, sustainable weight loss; just determination and results.

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