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Try the Low Carb/High-Fat Diet this year!

When talking about a high fat diet, many people have the misunderstanding that this means they can somehow eat their favourite foods and lose weight. Unfortunately this isn't the case, and we're as cut as you are about it. However, a low carb-high fat diet may not sound as appealing, but it can be an effective way of losing weight if followed correctly!

Jonty Simmons ― 03 Mar 2016
What to eat
Meat and fish are the big focus points here, so feel free to eat the fat at the edge of the steaks and chicken skin. Eggs are also easy to make and an excellent source of fat, with any variety of recipes allowed in the diet. Full fat dairy products can make up a significant amount of your diet, so ensure you're choosing full fat options and avoid low or no fat products. Rich sauces full of cream and butter, and pairing them with vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and mushrooms allow you to gain a large amount of fat in one meal!

What not to eat
Avoid sugar at all costs. It may be a struggle, but a large sugar intake defeats the point of utilising fat rather than insulin to lose weight. Starchy foods are high in carbs, so say goodbye to potatoes (in all its forms), pasta and bread. Fruit is also a food to consider a treat due to its high amount of natural sugar.

What to watch out for
As your body adjusts to its new diet, the lack of starchy foods and sugar going into your body may mean that you feel more tired, dizzy, and generally in a terrible mood. This is your body going through its adjustment period, it will end after a week or two so don't be too concerned. If you are having trouble, transition slowly rather than going cold turkey!

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