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Try Hot Yoga in Melbourne this Summer

For those highly active on social media such as Twitter and Instagram, they will likely be familiar with the rapidly growing hashtag #hotyoga. With celebrities such as actress Gwyneth Paltrow and world No.2 tennis player Andy Murray swearing by its benefits, savvy individuals have sought out Hot Yoga as an alternative to traditional fitness programs.

Jonty Simmons ― 23 Jan 2016
However, for the uninitiated, the phrase ‘Hot Yoga’ may conjure up images of cramped rooms with a mass of other awkward individuals each straining to see the instructor’s detailed ‘downward dog’ impression. Far from this suffocating environment, Hot Yoga is the perfect way to tone up this summer. It differs from other styles through performing traditional yoga poses in heat-controlled studios. Spacious, bright and calming, these studios are tailored to precise requirements in keeping with a philosophy of enriching both the body and mind.

Focusing on a welcoming environment, studios specialize in catering for beginners who may have been concerned about their lack of experience and flexibility in attempting other fitness programs. Temperatures often range from 27-40 degrees in different Yoga rooms to provide gradual steps for newcomers. Although acclimatizing may seem uncomfortable initially, the consistent support from friendly trainers has proven to be an invaluable tool in encouraging persistence.

Practitioners emphasise that patrons of Hot Yoga in Melbourne have reported a heightened sense of both physical and psychological wellbeing, increased flexibility and overall contentment. Through taking an evidence-based approach, studios utilise the latest research alongside traditional yoga teachings in order for students to fully realize their potential. Although patrons may emerge sweaty and out of breathe from their classes, as an alternative to traditional Yoga, the bliss that can often be read on each one of their faces tells the true story.

By providing a number of different levels of involvement and skill, Hot Yoga has become popular with urban professionals that desire a maximum efficiency fitness program. Individuals looking for a unique fitness experience in Melbourne are also encouraged to join, regardless of whether they are as flexible as an Olympic gymnast, or have never touched their toes. Different varieties such as Bikram Yoga, or studios with entirely unique programs exist across a range of styles with both static and constantly changing poses included to work out the entire body. Therefore, both curious and determined individuals are catered for, and are easily able to discover a Hot Yoga program that suits their personal goals.

With its ability to appeal to a wide range of individuals with personal goals and needs, it’s unsurprising that Hot Yoga has fast become one of the most popular trends in fitness in recent times.

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