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Try Anti-Gravity Yoga in Melbourne this summer

Looking for a brand new alternative to the traditional Yoga you’ve been doing all year? How about beginning a new yoga journey, where you’ll literally float from the ground during the class? That’s not a misuse of the word literally either! Anti-Gravity Yoga utilises hammocks suspended from the roof in order to create a feeling of true weightlessness and wellbeing. Read on below for some of the basic information about Anti-Gravity Yoga in Melbourne, and decide for yourself!

Jonty Simmons ― 23 Jan 2016
Go at your own pace
Anti-Gravity Yoga relies on the participant’s own body weight in order to provide maximum benefit, so beginners are able to progress at their own pace. The steeper the angle, the more exertion and flexibility required. For anyone who’s thinking about beginning for the first time, worry not. If an exercise proves to be too difficult or feels unsafe, instructors are more than happy for you to sit out or practice other less challenging poses in the mean time!

Flow is the key
With Anti-Gravity Yoga, the transition between poses may seem difficult at first. However, once past the initial awkward phase, participants will be rewarded with support from the suspended hammock, and subsequently find it much easier to switch between poses. Ever had trouble going from a pose like Downward Dog to Cobra, and your muscles can’t take the strain? With a hammock assisting you, you’ll find it much easier to master transitions with ease!

Health benefits
As the hammock bears the weight of the body throughout the class, participants are free to stretch to their full potential without fear of losing balance or becoming stuck in a position after hitting a personal strength wall. By performing poses whilst suspended above the ground, Yoga turns from a healthy activity into a true art form. By creating beautiful shapes with your body, your self confidence and ability to believe in yourself will significantly improve! The ability to conquer a basic fear of trusting one’s own body is also a major benefit that has been reported by practicers of Anti-Gravity Yoga. Once you’ve hung upside down from the ceiling with your own body, as the source of balance, not much else will be able to scare you!

Casual and fun environment
Although some Yoga environments may focus on a silent room of reflection, Anti-Gravity Yoga often serves as a fun and engaging environment for people to bond. After all, you are suspended from the ceiling amongst your peers, it’s especially healthy to laugh at the poses that your body may come up with, without your consent! Far from judgmental, instructors will assist you in finding your full potential, and even if you become completely entangled, we can guarantee that everyone else in the room has done so as well!

If feeling like your flying whilst also encouraging your body to become more flexible and agile, then Anti-Gravity Yoga may just be the right type of class for you! There are a number of Anti-Gravity Yoga classes in Melbourne, so click through LocalFitness to find out which one suits your needs!

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