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Keen for the Arnold classic? Get started on building your own muscles!

You’ve been watching the Arnold Classic for years and scored your tickets on the first day. But what happens if you want to actually get involved and have absolutely no idea where to start? Here at Localfitness we want to be the cornerstone on your journey to building muscle, so we’ve listed a few basic tips to help kick you into gear. Although building muscle is a huge commitment, with the right information you’ll be up in the big lights soon!

Jonty Simmons ― 09 Feb 2016
Don’t go too fast!
Although you might be keen to get your arms at Schwarzenegger level, building muscle has some of the highest level of injuries in the industry. As a beginner you can train quicker than those more advanced than you, but that doesn’t mean you can wreck yourself every day in the gym. Make sure that you lift at your own pace, listen to your body and don’t be afraid to skip a day if you can hardly move out of bed!

Don’t be intimidated by others around you
As you progress, there will always be someone lifting more than you with complete ease. Don’t be disheartened when the people around you are lifting triple the weight you are with what seems like superhuman strength. Remember: they were once at your level, and there’s a high chance they’ll be more than happy to help you out. You might even find yourself a new mentor in the process, and at the very least, someone to help out if you find yourself in trouble!

Find a weight lifting gym near you!
If you’re really serious about building muscles, joining a specialized lifting gym is your best way to those strong gains. With staff possessing dedicated knowledge about the right way to push yourself, a specialist gym could well be the push you need to get started. Although, if you have the fortitude to keep pushing yourself and have the right knowledge on your side, most gyms will be suitable for you to start on your journey!

Discipline is key
Those with an iron will won’t need to pay attention to this section but if motivation is an issue in your daily life, then it might be time to work on your mind as well as your body. Setting a calendar up in your room will allow you to visualize your progress and keep to the task at hand. Maybe it's even time to try out Yoga or Pilates to relax and clear your head. There are a number of gyms that offer both muscle building and yoga facilities, that provide comprehensive programs that are easy to read, and to stick to!

Protein and water are your new best friends
A healthy diet means only eating fast food and the like rarely. However, if you’re serious about bulking up and getting a muscly, but lean physique then it’s time to say goodbye to those 2AM McNugget runs. Protein-rich foods like lean beef, grilled chicken, and even tofu are easy staples to throw into salads and similar meals. Dehydration is also a very real concern when doing incredibly strenuous exercise such as building muscles. Even on days you’re not working out, drink choices like coffee and soft drink can ruin the hard work from the day before. Keep your diet healthy and you’ll see your muscles pop in no time at all!

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