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Is Acroyoga in Melbourne right for you?

Acroyoga is just one of the newest trends in 2016, and Localfitness are here to give you the basics to determine whether its right for you! Acroyoga combines acrobatics and yoga in order to create a unique fitness and wellbeing experience. Read on to get an understanding of the basics and see whether Acroyoga could become your new obsession!

Jonty Simmons ― 27 Mar 2016
What does it involve?
When beginning Acroyoga, instructors will encourage participants to gather in a circle to promote open communication. This is then followed by warm up stretches, and getting to know your assigned partners. Participants will either be the ‘Base’, which provides stability and support, or the ‘Flyer’, who is supported by the Base and performs dynamic positions. These initial steps ensure a comfortable and welcoming environment without fear of judgment!

Afterwards, participants will begin Inversions (inverted poses) in order to build trust and prepare for the next stage of more complicated acrobatics. Instructors will ‘spot’ and ensure that safety and correct form are paramount at all times. At the culmination of the session, the Flyer performs a Thai massage on the Base in order to reciprocate!

Do I need to bring a partner?
Acroyoga focuses on utilizing two different bodies in order to create form and strengthen both the Flyer and Base. Although bringing someone you know may help you feel more comfortable, Acroyoga emphasizes the forging of new connections between strangers to create trust and new friends. Who knows whom you may find supporting you whilst contorting in the air!

How much does it cost?
Classes are often quite affordable, ranging from $15-$20. Some places also offer an all-inclusive membership that covers a range of other yoga options around the $30 range. It’s up to you what best suits your budget!

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