Get In Shape For Melbourne Summer With Hiit Workouts
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Get in shape for Melbourne Summer with HIIT Workouts

High Intensity Interval Training may sound complicated, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Performing intense exercises in short bursts means that you’re working out smarter, and leaving yourself with time to get on with everything else. Check out our picks for some of the best ways to find a HIIT gym/workout in Melbourne, and be sure to tell us if you’ve enjoyed any of these programs!

Jonty Simmons ― 20 Jan 2016
HIIT 30 minutes or less
Although we’re supposed to be on a break during Christmas, we really aren’t. There’s food shopping, present shopping, entertaining the kids during school holidays and general chaos at every moment. For those who want to lose weight fast and keep up with everything else in their world, a 30 minutes or less class may be the solution for you. The time commitment for these High Intensity Interval Training sessions are next to nothing, with classes only lasting 30 minutes. The recommended three classes a week for this type of intense training totals a paltry 90 minutes! That’s the same as one really involved gym session, and with these classes you won’t spend 20 minutes trying to find that one song you need to get motivated. Try out this format of HIIT at a studio like Metafit in Melbourne!

HIIT Boot Camp Classes
These types of HIIT promise HIIT Boot Camp Classes but fret not: it’s more along the lines of a fun, effective fitness class, not the whole Full Metal Jacket drill sergeant routine. Instead of throwing abuse, personable staff and trainers will throw challenging circuits and flexible classes at you instead. Anyone from beginners to advanced fitness junkies are welcome to attend, so those looking to lose weight for summer or keep rocking the current bod they’ve got, a boot camp fitness class has you covered. Healthy food ideas and workout plans are often included in the membership as well to make your fitness journey even easier. Try out this type of HIIT at places like Healthy Balance Fitness and Nourish Melbourne!

HIIT Pilates
50 minutes of your day, then you’re out the door. HIIT Pilates combine cardio and pilates with endurance training at gym studios to insure your HIIT is brief but rewarding. Ranging from beginner to advanced classes and with a number of studios all around Melbourne, you’re bound to find a location that suits your needs. If dynamic pilates in a boutique environment sounds like your type of workout, check out a beginner class today! One of the most largest providers of HIIT Pilates in Melbourne is KX Pilates, so it’s no surprise they have such a devout following!

Yoga, Barre, and HIIT
For those that want a mix between more measured and blisteringly fast ways to get fit, doing a mixture of Yoga, Barre and HIIT could well be the solution for you. Everyday of the week there are combined Barre,HIIT and Yoga classes available all around Melbourne to suit your fitness needs. Feel like a relaxing workout? Covered. In the mood to sweat until you feel like you’ve just been swimming in the non-existent pool at the gym? These types of organisations have got that covered too, and are focussed on keeping you toned this summer. Plus, at some places like Melbourne Yoga and Pilates, first time visitors have the opportunity to go to an unlimited amount of classes in a week for only 20 bucks. This type of HIIT, Yoga and Barre is often well suited to a Pay As You go model, but if an unlimited membership option is your preference, check out options near you with a free pass or deal below...

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