Be A Better You In 2016 With The Total Wellbeing Diet
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Be a better you in 2016 with the Total Wellbeing Diet

The CSIRO’s Total Wellbeing Diet is reportedly one of the most popular dieting options that Australians select each year. But is this lifestyle change suitable for you and anyone else significant in your life? Localfitness have summarized the need to know information to encourage you to be a better you in 2016!

Jonty Simmons ― 23 Jan 2016
The Wellbeing Diet can change to suit your lifestyle
Parents worried about the possibility of the diet not fitting their family’s needs can put their fears to rest. The Total Wellbeing Diet can be scaled to fulfill any amount of children in your household, whether you have three, or eight mouths to feed. Even if you live alone and have little to no time to prepare meals, the Wellbeing Diet is full of quick and easy recipes with easy to understand instructions. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the inner chef that’s always been inside of you!

Succeed and reap the rewards!
If the initial $149 membership fee is turning you away, there’s a method of gaining a full refund at the end of the challenge. Successfully record a net weight loss (amongst other factors) and you may eligible for a no strings attached refund. If having a full wallet and a lighter scale reading sounds like a great opportunity, then the Total Wellbeing Diet may be for you!

Test its suitability without paying a cent
Some people interested in the Total Wellbeing Diet may already feel that their own eating habits are already suitable enough, without joining the program. To determine whether or not you meet the Australian Dietary Guidelines, the CSIRO have provided a ‘Healthy Diet Test’ conveniently available on their website. Comprising of questions like ‘How often do you drink 100% fruit juice?’ and ‘How often do you eat starchy vegetables?’, plus simple explanations, the ability to find out whether you meet the recommended guidelines has never been easier!

Results that you can see (and some you can’t!)
After just 24 hours, the Total Wellbeing Diet may well provide you with improvements in your blood pressure, blood glucose and insulin. Stick with the diet for two weeks, and there’s a high chance that you’ll have lost weight and feel more control over your diet. Controlling food intake is one of the most hardest habits to master, and once this step is conquered, the journey becomes a whole lot easier. After 12 weeks, you’ll likely have noticed significant weight loss, and a positive change in your attitude towards both your diet and life in general. But after three months on the Total Wellbeing Diet, it’s likely you won’t want to stop!

It’s fine to indulge!
One of the biggest misconceptions about the Total Wellbeing Diet is that it prevents dieters from enjoying their favourite treats or a drink. The beauty of the diet is that it allows for a significant amount of flexibility with the ‘indulgences’ permitted. Are you the type of person who can’t go a day without having cravings you just have to act upon? Through the CSIRO diet, you’re still able to have a small amount of one of these items each day.

Examples include:
- Wine, 100ml
- Chocolate, 4 squares
- Potato chips, 1 fun size packet
- Ice cream, 1 scoop
- Chocolate biscuit, 1

If you have more of an iron will, you can save these up throughout the week and have a single day where you use up all of your weekly indulgences!

Whether or not the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is for you, becoming a better you in 2016 is a journey that begins with LocalFitness!

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