Are Pay As You Go Gym Membership Prices The Right Ones For You
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Are Pay As You Go gym membership prices the right ones for you?

Pay As You Go (PAYG) membership prices to gyms and classes have become one of the fastest growing trends in fitness. This method can be highly preferable compared to weight loss on a restrictive contract, which prevents individuals from including getting fit into their busy schedule.

Jonty Simmons ― 23 Jan 2016
In conjunction with a weight loss diet, those who often find themselves in different locations during the week often desire a more flexible option to keep up with their fitness. After being stuck at the office working late, the will to go to the gym and train wavers significantly. If there was an option to hit up the fitness centre conveniently located downstairs rather than their local gym half an hour away, many would jump at the opportunity. Without a contract, this is one of the most attractive features for those who prefer flexibility to routine.

In both Sydney and Perth, Anyclass is currently the most popular service. For a no lock in contract of $25 a week, individuals can participate in different studios and classes at their leisure. This removes the possibility of different studios offering certain classes that subsequently require a number of expensive subscriptions. With plans to open up Melbourne fitness studios in 2016, this could be a highly viable way to lose weight.

However, this model is not without its downfalls. For a traditional gym experience rather than specific classes, a regular gym membership is still the most attractive financially. For example, a discounted visit to Anytime Fitness through GymBetter is $9.95 per class. Unlimited access through the gym itself (without classes) is often in the $70 range, and it’s easy to see how this could appeal to the more dedicated fitness-savvy consumer. Additionally some PAYG services only offer ‘distress’ classes, where cancellations and unpopular classes are the only ones available to join. In circumstances like this, the value for money potential drops significantly when compared to a reliable gym service. - mention Anytime Fitness app here?

Additionally, the PAYG model can become a convenient method of skipping classes and becoming generally unmotivated. The financial commitment with a gym membership is often cited as one of the highest motivational factors that encourages individuals to continue their fitness journey. When given the opportunity to take a fitness schedule into his or her own hands, even some of the strongest willed can fall victim to a “I’ll go tomorrow” mindset. This, as with much of the fitness industry, is up to the individual. Those who are self motivated and willing to reach their goals will often have no trouble making the most of these services.

For those with the ability to afford the luxury of flexibility, the PAYG model may be exactly what you need to squeeze a quick class in between meetings and picking the kids up from school. Depending on your financial situation and fitness needs, one-use subscription services could possibly be too expensive to sustain over a long period of time. One thing is for certain however: the option of breaking free from constrictive gym contracts is a welcome addition to the fitness industry.

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