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Woonona Personal Trainer Jackie's Profile

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Personal Trainer Jackie - "Activate yourself, health and happiness!" Sydney Personal Trainer

Meet Jackie

Jackie is a Woonona personal trainer. Jackie's love and interest for physical activity began when she was introduced to gymnastics at the age of 5. She trained, performed and competed in Gymnastics for 13 years, coaching for 7 of those years and retired at the end of 2007.

In 2008, Jackie completed her personal training qualifications followed by a Diploma in Fitness in mid 2009. In that same year she was employed at Fernwood and has been working there ever since, first as a member motivator and now a personal trainer.

In the 2010 12 week weight loss challenge, known as the Foxy Challenge at Fernwood, one of her personal training clients was awarded 3rd place in the competition out of around 30 competitors. Another one of her clients was awarded 1st place and has maintained her Personal training sessions with her trusting in her to maintain her health and fitness - something Jackie is proud to do.

Training Style & Influences

With her gymnastics background, a sport which covers every aspect of physical activity; strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, agility, speed, power and endurance, my training style is to cover all these aspects over time. I know the importance of working every aspect of the body, both physically - with strength, flexibility etc and mentally - with co-ordination, agility etc.


  • Certificate III in Fitness - Gym Instructor
  • Certificate IV in Fitness - Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 First Aid
  • Diploma in Fitness
This is your ideal Personal Trainer if

  1. You want to increase your overall strength and muscle tone.
  2. You have an injury or condition and need a modified program.
  3. You get bored doing the same workout and enjoy variety.

Training Session Cost

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Fernwood Fitness Woonona
Address/Contact Details
Works at: Fernwood Fitness Woonona
335 Princes Hwy
(Cnr Hopetoun Street)
Woonona, 2517

Get To Know Your Personal Trainer

Personal Profile

  • Favourite Food:
    Salad Wraps
  • Favourite Drink:
  • Favourite Sport:
  • Favourite Music:
    A lot - 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's music, punk, rock, heavy metal
  • Favourite Movie:
    Walk the Line
  • Likes:
    Exercising, spending time with friends and family
  • Dislikes:
    Misleading diet and exercise info-mercials
  • Hobbies:
    Playing keyboard, reading, walking, working out
  • Who Inspires You:
    My successful clients!
  • Life Philosophy:
    If you want something bad enough, you'll work hard to get it!

Areas of Specialisation

  • *Cardio Boxing
  • *Circuit Training
  • *Gymnastics/Circus Training
  • *Ladies-only Programs
  • *Strength & Conditioning
  • *Weight-Loss Programs

  • And in more detail...
    As I instruct both cardio boxing and circuit training classes on a regular basis, I incorporate certain exercises in the structure of my classes. My personal training sessions combine both strength and cardio exercises into sessions. With more than 13 years of gymnastics experience I know the importance of working every area of the body. The combination of these two exercise types in my sessions promote both strength, conditioning and weight-loss. I also enjoy creating programs specifically designed for women.

Why I Became a Personal Trainer

I love being active and I enjoy a range of different exercise types, from walking and cycling outdoors, to participating in boxing and Zumba classes as well as pushing myself through my own workouts.

To work in an area I'm so passionate about being able to help, encourage and motivate people to keep active and change their lifestyles is very rewarding.

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woonona personal trainer jackie
woonona personal trainer jackie

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