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Fernwood Fitness Slimplicity Underwood

Fernwood Fitness Underwood Combine weight management with a balanced diet plan with Slimplicity.

Fernwood Fitness Slimplicity Underwood - Combine weight management with a balanced diet plan with Slimplicity

Combine Weight Management With a Balanced Diet Plan With Slimplicity

"Got a food coach? You clever FOX!"

Fernwood is now a member of the Weight Management Council of Australia (WMCA) who aim to ensure the ongoing integrity of weight loss programs in Australia and to ensure consumers are receiving quality assured programs and products.

The Fernwood Slimplicity Program has been approved by the WMCA. The program teaches women valuable skills to effectively take control of their own healthy eating plan through a supportive and thorough education program. The program shows participants how to enjoy five delicious meals each day, kick starting the metabolism and prevent hunger, while achieving weight loss.

The Slimplicity program has seen thousands of women successfully lose weight and achieve their long term weight goals by coaching women on how to achieve healthy and balanced lifestyle. Experience the difference of Slimplicity with weekly 1-on-1 sessions with your own Slim Coach who'll motivate and educate you on weight loss within the convenience of a supportive health club environment.

Fernwood Fitness Underwood Fernwood Underwood gym provides a state of the art and friendly atmosphere.
Fernwood Fitness Underwood Not all women strength training is equal. Equipment matters!
Fernwood Fitness Underwood We have the right Underwood gym equipment to help with women's weight loss and strength.
Fernwood Fitness Underwood Our Underwood women's gym strength training programs allow you to progress.
Fernwood Fitness Underwood Luxury training with personal entertainment units on our machine.

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