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Fernwood Fitness Reception Underwood

Fernwood Fitness Underwood Meet the fun and friendly team at Fernwood Underwood.

Fernwood Fitness Reception Underwood - Meet the fun and friendly team at Fernwood Underwood

Meet the Fun and Friendly Team at Fernwood Underwood

"To create a comfortable sanctuary to workout and enjoy regular exercise."

Walking into a fitness & health club can be intimidating for many women. But you’ll notice the difference right away at our Fernwood Underwood Women’s gym. We don’t scrimp on the facilities or the equipment – everything that you’ll find at blokes' gyms, you’ll find at Fernwood – it’s just that it’s much, much nicer.

Don’t worry if it all looks confusing, as we’re here to help. In fact in every Fernwood gym, every hour we are open, we have Member Motivators and supportive staff available to help you with your individual needs.

Fernwood Fitness Underwood Fernwood Underwood gym provides a state of the art and friendly atmosphere.
Fernwood Fitness Underwood Not all women strength training is equal. Equipment matters!
Fernwood Fitness Underwood We have the right Underwood gym equipment to help with women's weight loss and strength.
Fernwood Fitness Underwood Our Underwood women's gym strength training programs allow you to progress.
Fernwood Fitness Underwood Luxury training with personal entertainment units on our machine.

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