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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download as many vouchers as I like?
As the vouchers are introductory offers, they can only be downloaded once per person for the same club. If you want to try more than 1 club, you can try up to 2 clubs in a 12 month period.

Can I download both a free pass and purchase a deal?
Unfortunately, no. These are introductory offers, so you can either use a free pass or a deal but not both. Clubs keep track of all downloaders and if you attempt to use both, the club will not honour the second one.

I am a tourist/traveller and want to try a club, is that ok?
Unfortunately, no. These are not casual access passes. All vouchers on the site are intended for people who are interested in joining a club. If you do not live or work locally, you are not eligible. Also, an ID/proof of residence is required when you come into the club or the voucher is void.

I am younger than 18 years old, can I download a voucher?
It depends on the type of club. Currently most clubs don't allow this, so please read each clubs terms carefully. In cases where it is allowed, your parents can download the voucher in their name and then come in with you to the club to activate it for you.

How do I list my business on
Listing is simple. Just fill in the contact form and we will get in touch with you asap!

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