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Core Health Club Gym Frankston

Core Health Club Frankston

Core Health Club - Gym Frankston

Our Core Frankston gym - Incorporates Our Pin Loaded, Olympic Free Weights, and Stretching area. Our focus is functional strength training starting with balance, stability, flexibility teaching people how to move correctly to help them reach their goals safely while avoid or recovering from injury.

With so many machines in our Frankston gym, you will be spoilt for choice. Here are 5 machines to use in our gym.

Leg Press Machine: The leg press is a great machine to work your quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves all in one exercise. It's the holy grail for lower body training especially for beginners not ready to do free-weight squats. Once you build leg strength with our leg press, you can progress to free-weight squats.

Lat Pull-Down: If you are looking to build your back strength and get the wide "V" shape, the lat pull-down is your go-to machine in our Frankston gym. Simulating a wide-grip chin up the lat pull-down isolates the back muscles. You will build your back muscle and activate all your back posterior chain muscles at the same time.

Cable Bicep Curls: A great way to isolate your biceps and avoid swinging that you may do when using dumbbells is to do a bicep curl on our cable machine. The cable helps you to slow down your pace so you can increase the time under tension and also forces you to perform each rep with great form. Give the Cable bicep curl a try in our Frankston gym.

Chest Press Machine: A popular machine in our Frankston gym is always the chest press machine. Perfect to improve your upper-body strength the chest press works the chest pectorals, triceps and biceps all in one movement. The chest press machines isolate the muscles and helps you keep great form as you don't have to worry about activating the stabilising muscles in a barbell or dumbbell bench press. There are so many chest variations you can do in our Frankston gym.

Hanging Leg Raises: As our Frankston gym names suggest, we don't want to neglect our core. The hanging leg raise machine works the core, abs and hip flexors. The core is one of the most import muscle group to help stabilise you for every exercise you do in the gym. But unfortunately, it is one of the most neglected. Hanging leg raises are a simple exercise to work your abs. Just put your forearms on the armrests and slowly lower and raise your legs while they are straight. Quite a simple exercise but a very important muscle group. Don't neglect your core at Core Frankston gym.

Come and try us out and our team can help write a program to suit your goals.

Core Health Club Frankston
Core Health Club Frankston
Core Health Club Frankston
Core Health Club Frankston
Core Health Club Frankston

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