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Contours The Equipment Difference Mount Waverley

Contours Mount Waverley You'll see results in much less time in our intimate ladies gym.

Contours The Equipment Difference Mount Waverley - You'll see results in much less time in our intimate ladies gym

You'll See Results in Much Less Time in Our Intimate Ladies Gym

Unlike many other women's fitness programs, Contours Mt Waverley does not use the less expensive hydraulic equipment, as studies show women quickly reach their maximum capacity when using hydraulic equipment and no longer get results from their workouts. Less trips to the Mt Waverley ladies gym & better results for members. That's what busy women want to hear, and that's what Contours Mt Waverley offers with our CardioFit Selectorized Equipment featuring real positive and negative resistance.

Our equipment is designed for women and sets us apart from the competition. You'll see results in much less time than with the hydraulic equipment offered by our competitors. Your exercise routine will not plateau because of the limitations of the equipment. Our equipment allows your program to grow with you.

And, there's twice the benefit. CardioFit Equipment offers Positive and Negative resistance during your workout - helping you develop lean muscle, increase your metabolism and burn more calories. It maximizes the benefit of each minute spent, so you can get on with your busy life in a slimmer, more toned body in less time than ever!

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