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Contours Results Near Oakleigh East

Contours Near Oakleigh East Our exclusive CardioFit calorie burning program.

Contours Results Near Oakleigh East - Our exclusive CardioFit calorie burning program

Our Exclusive Cardiofit Calorie Burning Program

Workouts that work.

Whatever your goals, our unique workout is designed to ensure you get results. Whether it's simply fitting some exercise into your busy lifestyle, or losing some weight, we'll create a plan just for you. The plan includes your ideal workout, plus it gives you a diet and eating guide. Your first three sessions with Contours Mt Waverley are booked in, so we can take you step by step through everything and check your technique. Then you'll be confident to do the workout on your own- but we're always nearby for advice or a chat!

Nutrition/Weight management plan
The Contours program includes an easy to follow meal plan that gives you the option to select from a variety of foods. Our 30 day weight loss plan focuses on modifying your attitudes to eating and allows you to eat. In fact, we encourage you to eat more often (in smaller quantities of course)! The Contours weight loss program addresses the behaviours that underlie weight problems, and focuses on creating more positive beliefs and attitudes.

Increases your metabolism
By increasing your metabolism, you burn more calories all day. The Contours plan provides this by encouraging eating more regularly through out the day. When combined with the benefits received from resistance and aerobic training in the Contours CardioFit Exercise program we'll help turn your body into a fat burning machine!

It's healthy
Our diet plan doesn't have 'off limits' food so you can be sure you will still get the full range of nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.

Best supplements
You may choose to supplement your food with Sculpt, the most popular ladies protein supplements in Australia.

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