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Clayton Personal Trainer Shari's Profile

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Personal Trainer Shari - "Do what you need to do to be who you want to be" Melbourne Personal Trainer

Meet Shari

Shari is a Clayton personal trainer. I was a latent gym member until she got a personal trainer, joined a boot camp and wondered what I had been missing out on for all those years.

I then decided to complete my personal training qualification through WYN Training and quickly got rid of my office job to pursue a career where I actually got to make a difference in people’s lives.

I am just as happy to train people indoors or out and will surprise you with how much of a workout you can get with minimal equipment.

I am passionate about making fitness accessible to everyone – no matter how young or old you are, and no matter how fit or unfit you think you are, there is a fitness challenge waiting for you!

Training Style & Influences

Some of my favourite training (both as a participant and trainer) has been through doing boot camps, outdoor training and group exercise classes. As such, I try to rarely use machines and rather have a focus on bodyweight training, free weights, partner and group exercises and outdoor workouts.

I strongly believe that the world is your gym!


  • Certificate III in Fitness - Gym Instructor
  • Certificate IV in Fitness - Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 First Aid
  • Level 1 & 2 boxing
  • Accredited certificate in nutrition
  • Courses and workshops completed:
  • Fitball
  • Powerflex
  • Bodyweight training
  • Kettle bells
This is your ideal Personal Trainer if

  1. You want constant variety in your sessions
  2. You want encouragement and motivation to be the best version of yourself that you can be
  3. You want to get outdoors and get moving

Training Session Cost

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Clayton Aquatics & Health Club Clayton
Address/Contact Details
Works at: Clayton Aquatics & Health Club Clayton
Cooke St
Clayton, 3168

Get To Know Your Personal Trainer

Personal Profile

  • Favourite Food:
    ice cream
  • Favourite Drink:
    fresh juice or a good smoothie
  • Favourite Sport:
    skipping, boot camps and long walks outdoors
  • Favourite Music:
    a bit of everything – from Broadway to boy bands, alternative to easy listening.
  • Favourite Movie:
    chick flicks and musicals (double points if they combine the two like Burlesque!)
  • Likes:
    good food, good company, impromptu workouts and musical theatre
  • Dislikes:
    rude people, bad grammar and people who give up without trying
  • Hobbies:
    baking (copiously), getting involved in amateur theatre (frequently) and championing the correct use of the apostrophe (religiously)
  • Who Inspires You:
    Anyone that tries to make the world a better place – and doesn’t feel the need to step on anyone in the process.
  • Life Philosophy:
    Life is about making choices. Listen to your mind and body and make the choices which are right for you.

Areas of Specialisation

  • *Bootcamps & Short-period Programs
  • *Cardio Boxing
  • *Circuit Training
  • *Elderly Programs
  • *Fitball / Core Stability
  • *Kids Fitness Programs
  • *Small Group Training
  • *Weight-Loss Programs

  • And in more detail...
    Seniors – I run weekly seniors fitness classes for all capabilities – participants range from those who have suffered strokes and illnesses, to those who just want to work out in a supportive, social environment.

    Kids – I also help run weekly kids classes for kids of all abilities. We have a strong focus on making exercise fun and non competitive with lots of games. It’s a perfect environment for those who aren’t comfortable playing a competitive team sport.

    Small group training – I find working with a small group really helps the motivation - people achieve amazing things when they’re in a supportive group environment

Why I Became a Personal Trainer

After my own weight loss and fitness journey began I had a newfound appreciation for what my body could do, and wanted to learn more about how it worked and what I could do for it. From there I wouldn’t stop talking about food and exercise (just ask my friends and family!) and I knew I wanted to share that passion and knowledge with other people...

Special Offers @ Clayton Aquatics & Health Club Clayton

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