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Why Absolute Fitness Bootcamp Frankston?

Business Hours
Monday 05:45am-06:45am
Tuesday 06:00am-07:00am
Wednesday 05:45am-07:00am
Thursday 06:00am-06:45am
Friday 05:45am-06:45am
Saturday n/a
Sunday n/a
Public Holidays n/a
Christmas n/a

End of Year Closing Dates:
No classes on Tues, Thurs, Sat or Sun

Casual Access: Yes

Are you tired of gyms, sick of those repetitive group classes and find it difficult working out alone? Are you after a unique, original and fun approach to training, which guarantees immediate results? If so, then Absolute Fitness Boot camp Frankston is definitely for you. We will give you the results you want  Register NOW!

- Get Fit & Healthy,
- Lose Weight & Tone Up,
- Meet New Friends,
- Improve Confidence & Self-Esteem,
- Feel Better About How you Look,
- Most Importantly Have Fun, &
- Be Inspired & Motivated to Achieve Endless Possibilities.

Our highly qualified, experienced and dedicated Frankston Boot Camp Instructors will not only motivate you to achieve your fitness goals, but also educate about the importance of conditioning, nutrition and healthy living. Make new friends, get fit and experience the difference between a good workout and an amazing Absolute Fitness Boot Camp workout.

Register NOW or apply for a Complimentary Session.

Absolute Fitness Bootcamp Frankston Gym Overview

The Absolute Fitness Boot camp in Frankston and surrounding suburbs is a 4 week program running 3 days per week. It is delivered to you by Vicfit and Fitness Australia qualified Ex Military Physical Training Instructors. Classes are designed utilising the latest research that will deliver the gains and results you are looking for.

Strength, Endurance, Aerobic, Loading
The acronym SEAL stands for Strength – Endurance - Aerobic – Loading which is the basis of all classes. The Navy SEAL Frankston Outdoor training Boot camp involves military style fitness classes, which include Circuits, non contact Boxing, Endurance activities including Scenario Based activities, Rope, Tyre and Stretcher Runs, Agility and Running Drills, Run & Dodge activities, Mini Obstacle Courses, and Competitive Team Activities.

Our outdoor classes are challenging, rewarding and each Frankston Boot camp develops a sense of camaraderie and team work amongst participants that you won’t find in any other style of fitness class. Classes of this nature should only be instructed by those with real life experience as a Military Physical Training Instructor.
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  • Corporate Fitness
  • Mobile Training
  • SEAL Challenge
  • Sport Club Training
  • Team Leadership Programs
Is Gym Right For You? YES, if weight is negatively affecting your
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FREE Trial Bootcamp Session
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*be quick - offers are limited

Fitness Classes @ Absolute Fitness Bootcamp Frankston

BORED? A variety of classes will keep you motivated and interested, as well as give you varying instructor styles, music selection, and interaction with other class-goers.

NO EXPERIENCE? Classes offer a workout for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Simply show up with a positive attitude, participate, and most importantly, have fun. No experience necessary!

NOT SURE? When people exercise on their own, they often skip portions of a workout they know less about or don't like. Others quit due to time constraints. Group exercise helps overcome these obstacles with professionally designed classes lasting a short 30 or 45-minutes. Perfect if you don’t have much time, you can choose a class schedule that fits in with your other daily activities.

Regardless of your passion or interest, what is most important is to move. Group exercise lets you do this while having fun!

Group Fitness
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SEAL Bootcamp Frankston

SEAL Bootcamp

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FREE Trial Bootcamp Session
*be quick - offers are limited
FREE Class Pass
*be quick - offers are limited

Gym Membership Details

What we offer
- Military Physical Trainers
- 4 Weeks Program
- 1 Hour Sessions
- Comprehensive Fitness Testing
- Thorough Warm Up & Cool Down
- Dietary Advice

We have Packages and Programs to suit everyone, including:
- Corporate Health and Fitness Programs
- Team Building & Leadership Activities
- Sports Specific Development and Training
- One-on-One and Couple Training also available
- School & University Programs
- Casual Sessions and Multiple Session Passes
- Emergency Services, Students and Apprentices discounts
- Emergency Service and Defence Preparation Training

You can be obese, unfit, underweight or the state champion, aging (nice way to say oldish), have no co-ordination or whatever the case may be. Our aim is to work with you and help you reach your goals (Mentally and Physically).

Don't be fooled by the misconception that in 4 weeks you will be a 'machine'. But in those 4 weeks you will have changed dramatically. This we GUARANTEE.

So download a trial pass below, experience our difference and see why we are Melbourne's ONLY Certified Boot camp Instructors.  

Top 8 reasons to get started today
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FREE Trial Bootcamp Session
*be quick - offers are limited
FREE Class Pass
*be quick - offers are limited
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